Tizco Trading Enterprise was founded by Mrs. R Narasimaloo and I Pather and was registered on the 23 /07 /2004. The business started operation in February 2006.

Tizco Trading Enterprise has agency agreement with various stakeholders in the electrical manufacturing industry. We specialize in line hardware for LV, MV and HV Networks. The company acts between manufacturing companies and Eskom.

We collaborate with the most important Electricity Authorities, Transport and Distribution system and Telecommunications. We provide a well-round team with sound business ethics.


Tizco Trading Enterprise aims to expand its customer and supplier base in order to become a sustainable company in the electrical industry.


  • Tizco will abide by its Quality Management System in order to ensure a high level of customer service to its customers
  • Developing & maintaining superb relationships with our customers & suppliers in order to become a sustainable entity in the electrical industry
  • Providing the highest quality products & services to all its customers
  • Tizco and staff are committed to supplying the highest quality products due to the high risk factor of electrical network.